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The poem 'Time Traveller' receives the full analysis treatment on 'Close Talking - A Poetry Podcast'. 2021

The Poetry Programme RTE podcast discussion and readings from Sonic White Poise 2021

Article Explaining the title Sonic White Poise The Irish Times 2021

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A muscial setting of my poem 'Time Traveller' by the American composer Jake Cozza 2020

An audio reading of Time Traveller by John Alexander Panian 2020

Two Poems Blackbox Manifold 2020


Last Decade

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Madra 2013 Keat-Shelley Prize winning poem
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from 1001 Estonian Nights - Five Dials 2012

The Noughties

Meditations on Paul Celan - Southword 2009
The Singing Bichon - The Real Deal 2009

Last Century

How Caer Came into Being Journal of Mythic Arts 2000
The Dream of Angus Journal of Mythic Arts 2000
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