photo by evgeniy shaman




Moose Beetle Swallow



"I do not consider myself a formalist. In my poems I mostly record such moods and states of mind that can be expressed only in poetry. When a game becomes magic, it is not formal anymore. I believe in thoughts that flash across my mind, ideas that shoot through my imagination and in transfiguration. I believe in inspiration."

-Andres Ehin

Ehin calls himself a surrealist without any reservations, but according to his own words he is more a heretic than a dogmatist, preferring C.G. Jung's conception of the collective subconscious to Freud's psychoanalysis. The former can also easily be related to Ehin's interest in the Orient and in cultures of primative peoples. He has, by the way, worked as a teacher with the Selqups in Siberia and found inspiration in their folklore. He has also been influenced by Acmeists, Imagists and Spanish Modernists.

-Estonian Literary Magazine

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