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About Patrick Cotter


This site is about Patrick Cotter, the poet from Cork, Ireland. Not Patrick Cotter Penon the poet from Costa Rica (no I'm not making that up). Not Patrick Cotter the architect from Richmond, British Columbia. Not Patrick Cotter the deceased giant from Kinsale. Not Patrick Cotter the sea ice research technician in Fairbanks Alaska. Not Patrick Cotter who writes about manipulative children for Random House. Not Patrick Cotter the lawyer who is a member of Yukon Red Cross Regional Council. Not Patrick Cotter the probationary New York policeman slain whilst making an arrest on Monday August 4th 1913. Not Patrick Cotter the lawyer from Chicago, instrumental in putting away bad boy John Giotti and who is author of Prosecution of Rape and other Gender-based Violence Before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. Not Patrick Cotter the Minnesota Criminal Defence Lawyer dedicated to drunk-driving/ traffic-crimes, drug crimes, assult and battery crimes. Not Patrick Cotter, the well-known hotelier in South Nyack who left his wife to elope with the financially-independent Widow Taylor in June 1892. Not Monsignor Patrick Cotter of Maitland-Newcastle diocese in New South Wales who at 82 years of age in 1996 was deemed too elderly to prosecute by the Director of Public Prosecutions. Not  Patrick Cotter of Brooklyn who contributed $500 towards Democratic Party House candidate Timothy Bishop in 2004. Not Patrick Cotter of Kyocera, Vancouver. Not Patrick Cotter the Skuba Diver of Phuket Thailand. Not Patrick Cotter of the First American Title Insurance Company. Not Dr. Patrick Cotter the political scientist at the University of Alabama and author of Disconnected: Public Opinion and Politics in Alabama. Not Patrick Cotter of the Schulte Corporation Cincinnati. Not Patrick Cotter at the Office of International Affairs in the US Environmental Protection Agency (George Bush must be keeping him a busy boy). Not Major Patrick Cotter who is Planning and Political Analyst for Strategic Issues and Communication for the Office, Director Air National Guard in an unknown state. Not Patrick Cotter the legendary crocquet champion of Roehampton and erstwhile captain of the English national team. Not Patrick Cotter, Captain of C Company of the Cork City Battalion of the Irish Volunteers. Not Patrick Cotter of Kildorrey Parish County Cork who defaulted in the payment of his tithes in 1831. Not Patrick Cotter, Catering Director at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government. Not Patrick Cotter the Realtor of Charlotte City North Carolina who operates his business "based on FAITH and FAMILY values" (note: capitals not mine). Not Patrick Cotter the professional recruiter of Calgary AB. Not Patrick Cotter who went to Raleigh Charter High School. Not Patrick Cotter of Bay City Minnesota.  Not Patrick Cotter, Bridge columnist for the Financial Times and author of Tackle Contract Bridge This Way. Not Patrick Cotter of First American Corporation Chicago. Not Patrick Cotter, the Marketeer with the erstwhile Musketeer moustache living in San Francisco. Not Patrick Cotter the New York Veterinarian. Not Patrick Cotter the Daly City dentist. Not Patrick Cotter the lawyer of Redondo Beach.